Mining Ventilation


Flexible ducting manufactured for mine and tunnel ventilation.  Features Diameters: 12” to 120” (305mm to 3050mm). Various section lengths available for mining and tunneling. Products available for positive and negative pressure airflow. Hi-Strength product construction. Industry-leading continuous inline suspension seam. Available with a selection of hanging and levelling accessories for horizontal or vertical installations. Fire resistant for mine safety and to meet local regulations. High efficiency and quick coupling options


Semi-Rigid Polymer Ducting manufactured for mine and tunnel ventilation. Features Diameters: 16” to 72” (406mm to 1830mm). Other diameters available. 8ft and 10ft (2.44 and 3.05mm) section lengths available. Manufactured using ABC’s proprietary RigiFLEX-FR polymer. Can be used for positive or negative pressure systems. High visibility safety green color. Single quick-to-install coupling system. Extensive list of accessories available.   HARDLINE MAX High pressure round ventilation ducting for positive airflow. HARDLINE


Underground ventilation control, stopping systems and safety solutions. Line-Brattice & Curtains ABC produces a range of line-brattice and curtains to manage and control underground mine ventilation. ABC uses its selection of high-strength PVC fabrics and polyethylene cloth. Finished products are best suited to your needs for height, length, weight, tear strength, edge reinforcement, attachment and hanging, visibility and safety. Contact our Sales Engineers to help select a product right for


Mine and tunnel airmover and deduster systems. ABC Fans and Silencers: ABC Fans are designed by world leading aerodynamic fan specialists to meet the most demanding mine and tunnel ventilation applications. ABC Fans are certified to the ISO 9001 Quality Assurance and meet the Air Movement and Control Associations (AMCA) stringent standards for rating and testing. Our adjustable pitch Vane Axial fans range from 18” to 84” (457 to 2135mm)