Preferred Mopping Asphalt Source

The quality of the components in Siplast SBS-Modified bitumen roof systems is critical to their performance. While Siplast closely controls all manufactured product, ongoing quality control of mopping asphalt is extremely difficult. This is primarily due to the large number of mopping asphalt suppliers and numerous plant locations.

In 1995, Siplast implemented a policy regarding hot asphalt applied roof membranes eligible for guarantees extending beyond the standard 10-year term. Te policy stated that, for extended guarantees, Siplast PA-100 mopping asphalt must be used whenever the membrane is apllied in hot asphalt.

for 2009, this policy has been significantly modified to limit guarantee terms to maximum 10-year period for applications using oxidized asphalt in the interply (between plies of modified bitumen sheet materials). System utilizing PA-100 Asphalt to apply to Paradiene r Parafor cap will still Qualify for an extended guarantee perode.

to Improve the quality control of hot asphalt applied membranes, we believe it is good practice to limit the number of mopping asphalt sources to those demonstrating a substantial level of consistency. Therefore, we have developed a list of acceptable asphalts for use with siplast systems requingn the standard  10-year guarantee. A copy of the list is attached. We recommend that asphalt form these locations be used whenever possible. Asphalts included on the list will be subject to periodic quality control audits, and the list may be updated as audit results dictate.

Some regions of the country are not included n this preferred asphalt list. As more asphalt sources are satififactorily tested the will be added to the list

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